Vision and Mission


      To become world class learning communities promoting human excellence.


  • Aim at high standard of achievement through the state of the art facilities and process.
  • Construct knowledge with the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Pioneer process of innovations and provide models for inspiring others.
  • Promote life-long learning in a stress-free and socially relevant context.
  • Tap out the hidden potentialities identified in the areas of interest and provide personal attention to all children.
  • Foster universal and family values in the learner.
  • Facilitate holistic development of children as emotionally intelligent, intellectually competent, spiritually stable, socially sensitive and professionally competent global citizens.




Al Yasmin International School (AYIS) offers CBSE curriculum from Grade I to Grade XII. The curriculum at AYIS is based upon strong academic roots. It emphasizes and relies upon what is best in traditional independent school education: scholarly excellence supported by a caring, pastoral and tutorial system, and a wide-ranging co-curricular programme. We are continually adapting and reacting to the changing demands of modern education: new subjects are added, new teaching techniques adopted, and there is an increasing awareness of the need to provide programmes of study that match individual needs and skills.


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Broad Objectives of Curriculum at Primary

  • Think creatively, analyze critically and synthesize clearly.
  • Develop and apply effective listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.
  • Understand and value the relationships between creativity, imagination and problem solving and the linguistic, artistic, ethical, literary, and philosophical traditions that shape human cultures and interdependence of groups in a global society.
  • Understand the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and apply an Interdisciplinary approach to problem solving.
  • Provide holistic situations for proper learning.
  • Provide rich and comprehensible input for acquisition of knowledge.
  • Develop critical thinking to deal with challenges of everyday life.
  • Nurture natural curiosity and creativity.
  • Engage and be curious about the environment and harmonize with it.
  • Acquire the basic cognitive and psychomotor skills through observation, exploration and practical experience.
  • Develop scientific temperament.
  • Develop basic language skills through analysis, application and appreciation.
  • Encourage inventiveness and creativity.
  • Raise awareness to critical exploration.
  • Create a strong sense of human values.
  • Recognize and value the collective heritage, ideas and values of a multicultural world and demonstrate sensitivity to socio - cultural diversity.
  • Develop ethical reasoning skills including one's physical and mental well being.


A flagship programme of iDiscoveri is the ground-breaking programme. It has been adopted by our school for Primary Sections and with no doubt, has created a mechanism which reflects a visible impact in student’s learning - which includes improvement in the grasping of basic concepts, vocabulary and communication skills. At the heart of XSEED is the belief that it’s a comprehensive solution and an endeavour to propel children towards excellence by development of a strong foundation in the critical primary years of their life.