Vision and Mission


      To become world class learning communities promoting human excellence.


  • Aim at high standard of achievement through the state of the art facilities and process.
  • Construct knowledge with the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Pioneer process of innovations and provide models for inspiring others.
  • Promote life-long learning in a stress-free and socially relevant context.
  • Tap out the hidden potentialities identified in the areas of interest and provide personal attention to all children.
  • Foster universal and family values in the learner.
  • Facilitate holistic development of children as emotionally intelligent, intellectually competent, spiritually stable, socially sensitive and professionally competent global citizens.


Information and Communication Technology


The purpose of ICT in education is generally to familiarize students with the use and workings of computers, and related social and ethical issues.

The school has invested substantially in the last two years to extend its computing facility to have a significant impact on teaching and learning and to enable the use of latest technology. We know the Internet is both a blessing and a curse but relevant technology with appropriate teacher guidance can help us to separate the gold from the grass.

ICT (Information and Communication technology) at Al Yasmin is a learning tool for the student, a teaching tool to the teacher and the curriculum.

Complete school automation software is installed in Administration section using client server technology. The school server maintains a broadband connection throughout the 365 days of the year. Information can be accessed out of class hours and questions arising can be referred to the teacher when appropriate. Internet usage is restricted and monitored to ensure a safe learning environment.

Our reporting system is computerized and parents will be able to track their children’s progress on the Internet in near future.

ICT department has 2 labs with a total of 30 computers and a faculty team of 4 teachers.

LAB-I is under LAN with Internet facility comprising of fourteen Pentiums IV 3.2GHz, with 80GB hard disk and DVD-ROM facility. The operating system is Windows XP and networking platform is windows 2003. The lab has a presentation hall with Projector screen.

LAB-II has twelve stand-alone comprising of Pentiums IV 3.2GHz, 40 GB hard Disk and CD-ROM facility each for primary section.

In lower grades KG- Multimedia Desktops and LCDs are used to introduce the child to the world of computer learning using sound, pictures and games.

Formal Computer Education starts from grade 1 and continues up to grade 12. In grades 1 & 2 - they are taught to identify the parts and usage of computers. Grades 3 & 4, the curriculum is designed to open the minds to the world of programming - to logical thinking which is done by teaching - LOGO Programming. From grades 5 - 8, in-depth concepts of BASIC is taught, giving a strong foundation to programming aspects. Grades 9 and 10 are taught the newly introduced subject "Information Technology” which emphasizes on Ms Office & Web Designing, with complete hands-on-approach and practical usage of computers.

Grades 11 and 12 – C++, Computer Networks, Basic SQL, Boolean Algebra are taught under CBSE curriculum. Practical programming on C++ and projects are conducted.