Vision and Mission


      To become world class learning communities promoting human excellence.


  • Aim at high standard of achievement through the state of the art facilities and process.
  • Construct knowledge with the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Pioneer process of innovations and provide models for inspiring others.
  • Promote life-long learning in a stress-free and socially relevant context.
  • Tap out the hidden potentialities identified in the areas of interest and provide personal attention to all children.
  • Foster universal and family values in the learner.
  • Facilitate holistic development of children as emotionally intelligent, intellectually competent, spiritually stable, socially sensitive and professionally competent global citizens.


Mobile Science Lab

Mobile Science Lab 1

 Mobile Science Lab 3

It is a pioneering learning solution which integrates Science Lab with classrooms. It offers a technology-enabled learning environment to explore science through computer-aided experimentation, data logger and a plethora of science probes as learning aids. It allows the students to have an enriching experience as it provides graphical manipulations, videos, multiple analysis functions and direct Lab report printing capabilities. Learning will be extended beyond classrooms as there will be softening of subject boundaries and knowledge will be constructed by helping them explore and develop ideas and also co-relate classroom learning with day-to-day life.