Vision and Mission


      To become world class learning communities promoting human excellence.


  • Aim at high standard of achievement through the state of the art facilities and process.
  • Construct knowledge with the active participation of all stakeholders.
  • Pioneer process of innovations and provide models for inspiring others.
  • Promote life-long learning in a stress-free and socially relevant context.
  • Tap out the hidden potentialities identified in the areas of interest and provide personal attention to all children.
  • Foster universal and family values in the learner.
  • Facilitate holistic development of children as emotionally intelligent, intellectually competent, spiritually stable, socially sensitive and professionally competent global citizens.


India of Tomorrow

India is the land where culture and traditions go hand in hand with the latest trends and technology. Our country has made tremendous progress after independence. The present India has achieved great success in economy, industry, education, agriculture, defence, etc. But India hasn’t shown an effective progress in the eradication of poverty, corruption, enforcement of laws, checking the population rate and women empowerment.

We, the youth of India believe that the future of India is bright. The laws will be enforced strictly. Every consumer product will be available in quality as well as in quantity. In near future, India will get rid of many evils - social customs and traditions, dowry, bonded labour, caste system, etc. India will become self sufficient in food and energy resources. Every individual will be given an equal opportunity and honour to choose their profession on their own. Corruption will be routed out, if the youth understand their responsibility towards their country. Women will be emancipated from social evils and will be given equal opportunity to represent themselves in every sphere of life.

India has a lot of potential in terms of human and natural resources. If exploited fully, keeping in view the sustainable development, it will be one of the most developed countries in the world.

- Anam Fatima (XI A)